Sunday, December 30, 2018

Chiefs Destroy Raiders

The Chiefs did it! They defeated the Oakland Raiders 35-3, clinched the #1 seed in the AFC, and earned a bye week to start the playoffs. With the #1 seed the Chiefs will get to stay in Arrowhead through the AFC playoffs as long as they keep winning! The Chiefs murdered the Raiders but the best part is that the Chiefs defense played their best game of the year! They only allowed the Raiders 294 yards of total offense and they forced 4 turnovers.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Chiefs and Raiders in the Regular Season Finale

The regular season finale is upon as the 11-4 Kansas City Chiefs take on the 4-11 Oakland Raiders. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs is at stake for the Chiefs, with a win the AFC playoffs go through Arrowhead! The Raiders have nothing to lose and would love to spoil that. There is a bit of sadness, as this is the last time the Chiefs will play the “Oakland” Raiders. The Raiders haven’t decided where they will play next year but they will be the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

I hate typing this out but even though the Chiefs are 11-4 and the Raiders are 4-11, both teams are 3-3 over their last 6 games. Over this stretch the Raiders have defeated the Arizona Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Denver Broncos. They are all teams that the Chiefs have also defeated this season. In the three wins the Raiders have won the turnover battle 5-1, in their three loses they lost the turnover battle 6-4. In their first meeting four weeks ago the Chiefs won 40-33 and forced Oakland into three turnovers. The Raiders have rushed for more than 100 yards in 9 of their last 10 games. As we all know the Chiefs’ rush defense is a huge liability and they allowed 174 rushing yards to the Raiders in their first meeting.

If the Raiders don’t turnover the ball and continue running the ball they could make this a game against the Chiefs. The Raiders had their second best offensive game of the season in their first Chiefs matchup gaining 469 yards of offense to go with the 33 points. The biggest problem the Raiders face is that they won’t be able to stop the Chiefs’ offense. The Chiefs are going to score a lot and the Raiders will have to find a way to keep up. That is why I expect the Raiders to be extremely aggressive by going for it on fourth downs and trying to surprise the Chiefs with a fake field goal or punt. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an onside kick or at least a squib kick either. The Raiders just don’t have anything to lose and that makes them dangerous.

I’m going to take the Chiefs to win over the Raiders 35-24 but I don’t feel especially great about it. The Chiefs have so much to lose if they don’t win this game and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Raiders don’t play, hands down, their best game of the year. I just believe that Patrick Mahomes can will this team to a victory in Arrowhead anyway. Go Chiefs!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Taking off the Rose Colored Glasses (Where do the Chiefs Stand?)

I don’t want to write this, but I really need to. Writing these posts help me gain perspective on where the Chiefs are actually at and not just look at the team through my preconceptions or immediate emotions. The Chiefs are just….can’t hardly type the words…… 2-3 in their last five games with losses to the Rams, Chargers, and Seahawks. Even the Chiefs two wins in that span are not super impressive with a 7 point win over the Raiders and an over time win over a very good Ravens team. The Chiefs probably should have lost that Ravens game, but Mahomes and Hill made some phenomenal plays late in the game to save the Chiefs. The loss to the Chargers was definitely the Chiefs’ worst offensive performance this season with only 294 total yards. The Chiefs had their second lowest amount of passing with 234 yards and rushing with 60 yards, in that same game.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Chiefs Lose To The Seahawks

The Chiefs lost a close game to the Seahawks 38-31 Sunday night in Seattle. This game never really felt as close as the score though, as the Seahawks had the lead for most of the game. The Chiefs only lead was 10-7 early in the second quarter. This game felt demoralizing for the Chiefs’ players and fans, because it played out highlighting the Chiefs’ deficiencies.

The Chiefs defense couldn’t get off the field, allowing 210 rushing yards and the Chiefs lost the time of possession battle by 10:04. The defense allowed 271 passing yards on 18 completions and 3 passing touchdowns. The defense also committed a lot of costly penalties, in total the Chiefs had 8 penalties for 76 yards and gave the Seahawks 5 first downs by penalty.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Can This Chiefs' Defense be Part of a Super Bowl Team?

Updated 12-25-18

I try to stay pretty positive in life and I try to write positive things. I really think that is what people want to read the most, there are already plenty of negative things in everyone's life. Just fair warning, this isn’t going to be the most positive blog post I have ever written. I’m going to try to give you some historical context for this Chiefs’ defense and it’s not pretty. What I really want to know is if this defense can be part of a Super Bowl team. For the purposes of this post I am just going to focus on scoring defense, which just means how many points a team gives up.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Quick Preview of the Chiefs and Seahawks

This Sunday night the 11-3 Kansas City Chiefs travel to Seattle to take on the 8-6 Seahawks. This game is very important for the Chiefs, as they are trying to hold off the Los Angeles Chargers for the #1 seed in the AFC. The Chargers do play the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night, so the Chiefs should know where they stand going into their game. This game is also very important for Seattle as they are currently the #5 seed in the NFC. They look pretty comfortable to make the playoffs, but the #5 seed is extremely important for them to keep, because that means going to Dallas to play the Cowboys instead of Chicago to play the Bears.

A Glance At The Chiefs' Off-season

I put this poll out on twitter yesterday. I actually listed the things I found most important from top to bottom. For the most part I looks like people were in agreement with me. I do understand wanting to bring in help for the secondary more than resigning Dee Ford. A lot probably depends on what the Chiefs can do in this years draft. I’m not sure that a new defensive coordinator will be so against playing rookies.

Tyreek Hill is going to get paid like a top 5 wide receiver, which will be in the 16-18 million a year range. Chris Jones has a case to be paid like a top 10 defensive lineman. His numbers are in the Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald range, both of these guys are making over 22 million annually. I would not be shocked if Dee Ford couldn’t get 15 million a year on the open market either. The Chiefs also need to keep cap space clear for the 2020 off-season when they should lock up Mahomes forever!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Interesting Chiefs' Stats and Trends Through the Season

Earlier this season I wrote a post after the first quarter of the season talking about what was going on, statistically for the Chiefs. After the second quarter of the season, I wrote another post comparing both of the quarter seasons. I was not able to write another after the third quarter of the season, but I’m getting to it now! I’m really interested to see how the first two quarters of the season compare to this last 6 game stretch.

1. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense is still really good! (Great Analysis)

First 4 games – Mahomes 1,200 yards, 14 tds, 0 int. Chiefs Off- 36.25 PPG
Second 4 games – Mahomes 1,326 yards, 12 tds, 6 int. Chiefs Off- 36.25 PPG
Third 4 games – Mahomes 1,397 yards, 15 tds, 4 int. Chiefs Off- 38.5 PPG
Last 2 games – Mahomes 620 yards, 4 tds, 1 int. Chiefs Off- 27.5 PPG

The Chiefs’ offense is #1 in the NFL averaging 35.6 points per game on the season. That would be good for third best in the history of the post merger NFL. The third quarter of the season was the Chiefs’ highest scoring quarter of the season and it was also the quarter with Mahomes’ biggest numbers. The last two games have been rough with the Chiefs’ offense facing two of the best defenses in football, but both games were at home. The Seattle Seahawks also have a top 10 scoring defense and the Chiefs will have to play them on the road in week 16. In week 17 the Chiefs play the Oakland Raiders again, in their first meeting in week 13 the Chiefs offense scored 40 points.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Chiefs Let One Slip Away

The Chiefs lost a gut wrenching game to the Chargers in Arrowhead Thursday night 29-28. To most Chiefs’ fans (speaking from experience) I think this loss came with extra hurt. The Chiefs hadn’t lost a let down game like this with Patrick Mahomes as the quarterback in Arrowhead stadium. This game also played out in such a strange way, with the Chiefs jumping out to a 14-0 lead and dominating the first quarter. But really after that, the Chargers slowly took control of the game.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It Will Take More Than Lightening To Beat A Kingdom (Chiefs and Chargers Preview)

The 10-3 Los Angeles Chargers come into Arrowhead on Thursday night to play the 11-2 Kansas City Chiefs. This is a big game between AFC West division rivals and they have the two best records in the entire AFC. The Chargers will enter the game with the #5 scoring offense, averaging 28.2 points per game, and the #6 scoring defense, allowing 20.8 points per game. The Chiefs enter with the #1 scoring offense, at 36.2 points per game, and the #28 scoring defense giving up 27 points per game. The Chiefs have won the last 9 games against the Chargers, but this game should be a dog fight.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Chiefs Show Mettle In Win Over Ravens

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens 27-24 in overtime! This is the score I predicted earlier in the week and it played out like I imagined. The Ravens are a tough physical hard nosed team and they came to win the game. Their defense gave the Chiefs a lot of trouble, especially with all of the players the Chiefs have injured. The Ravens’ offense ran the ball extremely well, averaging just under 5.1 yards per carry and they rushed 39 times in this game. The Ravens really did what they needed to do to win the game. Their only mistake was testing the will of Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Justin Houston.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Random Chiefs Stats!

Andy Reid has been a damn successful head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs going 63-29 since 2013! In the 6 years before that from 2007 through 2012 the Chiefs were 29-67, Reid has completed a 360 degree turn around. Maybe just as amazing is that from 1995 to 2006 the Chiefs had 3 separate 13-3 teams but were only a combined 30 games over .500, while Andy Reid in less than 6 full seasons is 34 games over .500!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

How The Chiefs Offense And Its Stars Are Shaping Up To Rank All-Time

It’s no secret this Chiefs offense is amazing! The meshing of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes has yielded results that no one expected in year one. With Mahomes at quarterback, Travis Kelce has become arguably the best tight end in football and the same could be said for Tyreek Hill at wide receiver. It is hard to understand just how good they have been, here is some context!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Chiefs Vs Ravens Preview (Strength On Strength)

This Sunday, the 10-2 Chiefs play the 7-5 Baltimore Ravens in Arrowhead stadium. If the Chiefs can put up points against the Ravens, they should be able to put up points against anyone in the NFL this season. This is an interesting matchup of strength on strength between the #1 scoring offense of the Chiefs against the #1 scoring defense of the Ravens.

Chiefs Offense
Ravens Defense
Points per Game
37 (1st)
17.8 (1st)
Yards Per Game
437 (3rd)
282 (1st)
Yards Per Play
Passing Yards
3,798 (3rd)
2,333 (2nd)
Passing Yards Per Play
8.5 (1st)
5.1 (1st)
Passing 1st Downs
Rushing Yards
1,448 (13th)
Yards Per Rush
4.9 (5th)
3.8 (6th)
Rushing 1st Downs
3rd Down Percentage
47.3 (4th)
34.2 (3rd)

Monday, December 3, 2018

Chiefs Make It Through The Raiders

The Chiefs went into Oakland and defeated the Raiders 40-33 on Sunday afternoon. It was a game that had a weird feel to it after starting running back, Kareem Hunt was released just two days earlier for misconduct and lying to the team. The offense just looked out of sync from Travis Kelce’s fumble on the first play of the game, to all of the off target throws Mahomes had in the first half, something just wasn’t right. On defense the Chiefs, were extremely lethargic and just didn’t show much effort at all. It was nice to see the Chiefs get a divisional win on the road, especially in the face of all that went on leading up to the game, but if they play this way against anyone else they are losing the game. Hopefully another week to get their heads clear and get healthier will help right the ship going into the Ravens game this weekend. The Ravens are no joke and have the top scoring defense in football.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Quick Update On The Historical Context Of The Chiefs Offense

I need something positive in Chiefs kingdom, things have been real heavy lately. I personally love sports, because they are a way to relax and yet feel a part of something bigger than me. So I thought I would do a post that is an update to a previous post which can be found here How The 2018 Chiefs Offense Compares To The 2013 Broncos And 2007 Patriots. This post basically just gave historical context for where the Chiefs ranked offensively ranked through the first 7 weeks of the season.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

My Thoughts On Kareem Hunt's Release

By now everyone knows that Kareem Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday. The release came after a video from Febuary was released by TMZ, showing Hunt in a heated argument with a female in a hallway outside of his hotel room. I’m not going to get into details, if you want to see the video it is easily available online for you to see, but there is a case for assault against Hunt. The Chiefs released a statement basically saying, that Hunt lied to them about what happened during the incident and that they nor the NFL had seen the video. It seemed to me that the quick release of Hunt had more to do with the fact that he outright lied to the organization about what happened.

There are a lot of people out there that seem to think the Chiefs and the NFL must have seen the video already. I don’t agree with this, mainly because it sounds like TMZ had to obtain this video illegally and I can’t see the Chiefs or NFL doing that. If they had, they would have had to at least suspend Hunt and the media/people would have want to know why, which could have led to them getting the tape illegally. That’s just my two cents, I’m not anyone important, just me. I feel bad about the situation that happened, no one should have to deal with violence in today’s world. There are just better ways to handle situations in life, and no one can rely on anyone else to make the right decisions for them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Chiefs And Raiders Preview (Premeditated Murder)

The 9-2 Kansas City Chiefs get the pleasure of traveling to California and playing the 2-9 Oakland Raiders this Sunday. From the outside looking in this game looks to be very one sided in Kansas City’s favor. The Chiefs are the top team in the AFC, Andy Reid is 8-2 all-time as the Chiefs’ coach against the Raiders, and Oakland is in the midst of a transition season/decade. History tells us not to take this game lightly though, as in 2014 the 0-10 Raiders beat the 7-3 Chiefs, the Chiefs then missed the playoffs by one game. Last year the 2-4 Raiders defeated the 5-1 Chiefs in another upset. I’m trying to make it sound like the Raiders have a chance but….. we got Patrick Mahomes!

The Raiders currently sit in last place in the AFC under Coach Jon Gruden, who is in the first year of a 10 year 100 million dollar contract. The Raiders as a franchise are trying to look forward to the future, so that in 2020 when they become the Las Vegas Raiders, they will be a competitive team. In the mean time though, trading some of their top players for draft picks hasn’t helped the current team. The Raiders’ offense is #30 in points scored at 17 a game, while their defense is #30 allowing 29.7 points per game. As a matter of fact, the Raiders have only scored more than 20 points in just 3 games this season, while the Chiefs’ lowest scoring game is 26. That sure sounds like a recipe for disaster!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Patrick Mahomes Is Something Else!

Patrick Mahomes is something else! Between his extreme athletic abilities, his intelligence/coachability, and his supreme confidence there isn’t much more any fan base could ask for. The fact that Mahomes has Andy Reid as his coach with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sammy Watkins, and Kareem Hunt as his main weapons is only icing on the cake! But as a Chiefs fan it is almost hard to fathom just how good Mahomes has been throwing touchdowns. Sure we all know that Mahomes broke Len Dawson’s single season Chiefs’ passing touchdown record of 30 but how does he stack up all-time.

Friday, November 23, 2018

How I See The NFL Playoffs Working Out

The rest of this season should be fun for Chiefs fans! The Chiefs play the 2-8 Oakland Raiders twice in the final 5 games, the 7-3 Chargers at home, and 2 games against 5-5 teams fighting for the playoffs. The team that worries me the most is the 5-5 Seattle Seahawks, whom the Chiefs will have to play on the road in week 16. They should be right in the thick of the race for the wildcard spots in the NFC and have been playing better football each week. More interesting to me is how the Seahawks will run the ball no matter what the score of the game is and they have reached at least 150 yards rushing in 7 consecutive games. I still think the Chiefs should be able to handle the rest of their regular season schedule fairly easily but the Chargers, Ravens, and Seahawks are not teams to lay an egg against.

AFC Playoff Picture (11-23-18)

1. Chiefs
2. Steelers
3. Patriots - The first 5 teams are pretty clearly set the only changes would be in the seeding.
4. Texans
5. Chargers
6. Ravens/Colts/Titans – There are more teams with a shot, but I believe these teams are the most likely. Looking at each teams schedule, I think they should all finish with a 9-7 record. So it will come down to which team can win the games they are supposed to and steal one they shouldn’t. I would put my money on the Colts, since they clearly have the best quarterback of the three teams.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Taking A Look At PFF Grades For Chiefs' Players

The Chiefs lost Monday night to the Rams 54-51. There has been a ton of Chiefs coverage on this game, most of it much better than I could do, so instead of doing my usual post game “post” I’m going to do something different. Pro Football Focus is having a free trial weekend and I was looking over their grades for Chiefs players, thought I would run through their grades with a few thoughts of my own. For reference PFF gives each player a grade from 1-100 for each game by looking at how well they perform in each faze of their duties. The scores from each game are then merged together to give a 1-100 season grade.

Patrick Mahomes Overall Grade 92.3 Rank at Position #2

Sunday, November 18, 2018

100 Yard Rusher And What It Means Against Good Opponents

2018 Kansas City Chiefs offense is not about the run game and that is fantastic! The Chiefs have a generational talent at quarterback and explosive receivers all over the field, it makes sense to put the ball in the air. This offense has slowly been evolving into what we see today ever since Andy Reid took over as head coach before the 2013 season. Being pass happy on offense isn’t a new philosophy around the NFL, the upcoming game between the Chiefs and Rams is a good example. The Chiefs are second in the NFL with 3,055 total passing yards and the Rams are third with 3,032 total passing yards. (Tampa Bay is actually first 3,251 total passing yards.) While the Rams have also been great at running the ball and the Chiefs have been very good, but most of the talk leading up to the game is about the young quarterbacks these teams possess. So it is a bit surprising how important the run game seems to be for the Chiefs against good opponents.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chiefs Against Rams Mano E Mano

This Monday night, under the bright lights of the L.A. Colosseum, the 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs take on the 9-1 Los Angeles Rams. This game is going to be insane as both teams bring in fantastic offenses and talented defenses. This is the match-up that all of us Chiefs and Rams fans have been waiting for, heavy weight versus heavy weight, mano e mano, offense against offense. Honestly, though, it could very well be which ever defense steps up that makes the biggest difference in this game.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mahomes Breaks A Record And The Chiefs Defeat The Cardinals With A Big Defensive Effort!

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Arizona Cardinals 26-14 in a game that looked a bit unusual for the Chiefs. The Chiefs’ offense scored 20 points in the first half, but only managed 6 points in the 2nd half. Those six points came on a Spencer Ware touchdown run after Justin Houston intercepted Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen, giving the Chiefs great field position. On the positive side the Chiefs defense played a very good game against a poor offense and didn’t have any big letdowns.

I believe there are a few different reasons the Chiefs’ offense was stagnant in this game especially in the second half. The first is that this was a bit of a trap game for the Chiefs. They were comfortable at home, scored 20 points in the first half, and have possibly their biggest matchup of the year next Monday against the Rams. The second is that the Arizona defense came to play, getting a lot of pressure on Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs’ offense missed Sammy Watkins especially as a quick passing option. The third reason is that during pregame, Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews’ step father passed out outside of Arrowhead Stadium and later passed away at an area hospital. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family. I’m sure that Mahomes knew something was going on through the game as he didn’t do any interviews after the game and quickly left the stadium. A tough situation for Mahomes to be in, trying to beat an upstart Arizona team, while breaking the Chiefs all-time passing touchdowns record, but knowing that the woman he loves is hurting.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Stats From The 2003 and 2018 Chiefs Through 9 Games

The 2003 Kansas City Chiefs had the best Chiefs offense I can personally remember before this 2018 team. The NFL has changed a lot in the last 15 years, but I thought it would still be fun to compare these two teams offensive stats and play makers through 9 weeks. I’m just giving the stats for fun and comparison. You can make your own conclusions! I’m just glad that I got to watch both of these offenses slay defenses in the red and gold.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Refuting The Reasons Why The Chiefs Won't Win In The Playoffs

Haters gonna hate and the Chiefs got plenty. There is the usual hate from fans of longtime rivals, which I understand and respect. Then there is hate built on a jealousy of what the Chiefs have, a young once in a lifetime quarterback, surrounded by game changing offensive talent and a forward thinking coach. I wanted to take a look at one of the common things I hear the haters say, the Chiefs are just gonna lose in the playoffs. They list reasons like, the Chiefs always lose in the playoffs, Andy Reid can’t win in the playoffs, he can’t manage the clock, Mahomes is overrated, and the defense sucks. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of hearing this crap.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Look At The Upcoming Chiefs And Cardinals Game

Arizona Team Stats and Rankings Table
Tot Yds & TO Passing Rushing Penalties Average Drive
Player PF Yds Ply Y/P TO FL 1stD Cmp Att Yds TD Int NY/A 1stD Att Yds TD Y/A 1stD Pen Yds 1stPy #Dr Sc% TO% Start Time Plays Yds Pts
Team Stats11018664324.317711014424913267104.96416154053.43355378139317.218.3Own 27.32:104.7420.11.03
Opp. Stats19929425535.31261781752611797966.3952681145124.36457440199435.112.8Own 30.32:586.031.21.95
Lg Rank Offense31322826322631302931313218323242331323231
Lg Rank Defense18221482677118113231301519132532251615
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 11/6/2018.

Arizona Conversions Table
Downs Red Zone
Player 3DAtt 3DConv 3D% 4DAtt 4DConv 4D% RZAtt RZScore RZPct
Team Stats922426.16116.714964.3
Opp. Stats1104440.010550.0251560.0
Lg Rank Offense323211
Lg Rank Defense171117
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 11/6/2018.

This Sunday the 8-1 Chiefs play the 2-6 Arizona Cardinals in Arrowhead stadium. This is a game that the Chiefs should win handily, as they are 1st in the NFL in scoring at 36 points per game. The Cardinals, on the other hand, are 31st in the NFL in scoring at 13.8 points per game. Arizona just doesn’t currently have enough firepower on offense to come into Arrowhead and keep up with the Chiefs. On the defensive side, Arizona is allowing 24.9 points per game, while the Chiefs are allowing 25.1 per game. Interestingly (or not) the Cardinals are last in the NFL in offensive yards with 1,866, while the Chiefs have allowed the most yardage on defense with 3,847. Arizona is also dead last in the NFL converting third downs at 26.1%, while the Chiefs are 4th best in the NFL allowing only 34.6% of third downs to be converted.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Look At The Chiefs Win Over The Browns

The Chiefs defeated the Browns in fairly easy fashion Sunday afternoon 37-21. This game was tight at the half with the Chiefs leading 21-15, but the second half was all Kansas City. This brings the Chiefs record to 8-1 on the season tied with the Rams for the best in the league. It also keeps the Chiefs in the #1 playoff position in the AFC going forward.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs And The Cleveland Browns

This Sunday at noon the Kansas City Chiefs play the Cleveland Browns on the road at FirstEnergy Stadium. This is an important game for Kansas City, as they try to stay ahead of the New England Patriots and keep the #1 seed in the AFC. The Browns, on the other hand, are out of the playoff picture, firing their head coach Hue Jackson and their offensive coordinator Todd Haley after last weeks loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This could be a pivotal game in the future of the Browns as defensive coordinator Gregg Williams take over as interim head coach. Williams is a well respected defensive coordinator in the NFL, but is probably more well known for Bountygate. The Bountygate scandal resulted from Williams paying out bonuses to his defensive players if they were able to injure players from opposing teams. Williams was suspended an entire year for bountygate. The Browns’ new offensive coordinator is Freddie Kitchens, who was the running backs coach previously.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Look Back At The Chiefs Second Quarter Of The Season

  1. Patrick Mahomes is still tearing up the NFL, as he is on pace for over 5,000 yards passing and 52 touchdowns. In the second quarter of the season, he threw 12 touchdowns, six interceptions, and led the Chiefs to a 36.3 points per game average. The 6 interceptions are alarming and are definitely an area of Mahomes’ game to watch as the season continues. Mahomes has been a little riskier with the ball over the last four games, but I expect he will tone that down in the next quarter of the season. The 36.3 points per game is an oddity, because that is exactly what the Chiefs were averaging after the first quarter of the season too.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Chiefs Defeated The Broncos Again

The Kansas City Chiefs once again stomped on the Denver Broncos’ hearts, defeating them 30-23 for their 7th consecutive win over the Broncos. This brings the Chiefs’ record to 7-1 and leaves them in control of their own destiny in the AFC. At the midway point of the season, the Chiefs’ offense still looks unstoppable scoring an average of 36.3 points per game and leading the NFL. The Chiefs much maligned defense is allowing 25.6 points per game which is 21st in the league. In this game, the Broncos were able to follow the script they wanted against the Chiefs but it just wasn’t enough.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

An Early Look At Chiefs Versus Broncos "Round 2"

This Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium, the Kansas City Chiefs face an AFC West division rival, the Denver Broncos. This will be the second meeting of the season between the teams, with the Chiefs winning the first matchup in Denver 27-23. The Broncos played a good game against the Chiefs in that one and it took fourth quarter heroics from Patrick Mahomes to win the game for the Chiefs. It should be very interesting to see if the Broncos can hang with the Chiefs in Kansas City.

Monday, October 22, 2018

A Look At The Chiefs Dominating Victory Over The Bengals

The Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Cincinnati Bengals on both sides of the ball in route to a 45-10 victory in Arrowhead stadium Sunday night. The Chiefs hadn’t scored 45 points in a game since November 1, 2015 against the Detroit Lions. Under Andy Reid, the Chiefs had never accumulated at least 551 yards of offense which they did against the Bengals. The defense also shined, only allowing 239 total yards of offense, which is the fewest the Chiefs’ defense has allowed since the Jan 9, 2016 playoff win against the Houston Texans. Not to mention the fact that they held an offense that was averaging a hefty 26 points per game to just 10 points. Most importantly, this victory keeps the Chiefs on pace for home field advantage in the playoffs which looks like a deadly proposition for opponents

Saturday, October 20, 2018

How The 2018 Chiefs Offense Compares To The 2013 Broncos And 2007 Patriots

Updated Through Week 7
The Kansas City Chiefs have a phenomenal offense, through the first seven weeks of the season the Chiefs are on pace to score 594 points. This would be good for second all time with only the 2013 Broncos (606) scoring more points and just ahead of the 2007 Patriots (589). Both of those teams were able to make it to the Super Bowl, but neither one was able to win the game. I thought it would be fun to take a look at these three teams and see how they compare to each other.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

An Early Look At The Jungle Visiting The Kingdom

This Sunday night in front of a roaring crowd at Arrowhead, the 5-1 Kansas City Chiefs will face the 4-2 Cincinnati Bengals. This is a match up between two of the top teams in the AFC so far, and it looks to be another high scoring game. The Chiefs come into this one scoring 35.8 points per game, second in the NFL, and allowing 28.7 points per game, which is 27th in the NFL. The Bengals average 29 points per game on offense, 6th in the league, and allow 26.3 points per game on defense, good for 23 in the NFL rankings. The Chiefs lost a close game to the Patriots last Sunday night and the Bengals also lost a close game to their division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. So both teams are looking to bounce back in this game and re-solidify themselves in the AFC playoff race. If the Bengals and head coach Marvin Lewis want to defeat the Chiefs in Arrowhead, they will have to buck their trend of 8 consecutive losses on Sunday night football.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Look Back At The Chiefs Performance Against The Patriots

The Kansas City Chiefs lost a close one Sunday Night 43-40 to the New England Patriots. The Chiefs started slow in this one and were trailing 24-9 going into halftime, on the heels of two Patrick Mahomes’ interceptions. Mahomes was able to get himself rolling in the second half, while the Chiefs put up 31 points on Bill Belichick’s defense in the final 30 minutes. This game goes in the loss column for the Chiefs, but it was a valuable stepping stone in the maturation of this 2018 Chiefs team and their/our quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Look At The Kansas City Chiefs And New England Patriots Matchup

Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs play the New England Patriots in prime time. The Chiefs enter this game 5-0, with a 3-0 record on the road. The Patriots enter this game with a 3-2 record, but all three of their victories are at home in Foxborough. This should be a heck of a showdown for all of us fans, because we all know that the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC goes right through New England. So if Kansas City can go up there with all their injuries, after playing two tough games in a row and hand it to New England on their home field, then there is no doubt that Kansas City is the team to beat an AFC.

Before I jump straight into this Chiefs and Patriots match-up, I should update the injuries that the Chiefs sustained last week versus the Jaguars. On offense, the Chiefs lost starting right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif to a broken leg and some serious ligament damage in his ankle. The Chiefs went ahead and put LDT on inured reserve Tuesday, so he won’t be eligible to play for 8 weeks. The Chiefs also put rookie backup safety Armani Watts on IR Tuesday, and it is being reported that he will have surgery on a core muscle injury this week. Starting safety Eric Murray also twisted his ankle in last weekend's game and only played four snaps, so I’m not sure what his status will be for the Patriots game. The injuries at safety are all amplified by the fact that Chiefs’ All-Pro safety Eric Berry has yet to play this season.

The Chiefs also seem to be facing a lot of injuries at another important defensive position, outside linebacker. Justin Houston hurt his hamstring considerably in the Jaguars game and it sounds very unlikely that he plays this weekend. I've been seeing reports online saying that he's likely out for two to four weeks barring a substantial recovery. Of course, Dee Ford, the Chiefs’ other starting outside linebacker has been dealing with a groin injury, while back up Tanoh Kpassagnon has a twisted ankle. So the Chiefs have brought in two outside linebackers this week, and both will probably be active this weekend. One is a former Chiefs player, Frank Zombo, who is familiar with fans and this defense. The other player the Chiefs signed is Nate Orchard, who was a second round pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2015. He started 13 games over three seasons with the Browns before being cut earlier this year. Then he was signed by the Bills and played in 3 games for them before being cut. So he's somebody that does have a little bit of experience and he's young. So hopefully, especially after playing some games for the Bills this year, he should be in game shape if he has to play Sunday.

So this should be a big week for the Chiefs’ young safeties and outside linebackers. Jordan Lucas and Breeland Speaks both played good against the Jaguars after being pressed into a lot of action. But they were in a very isolated situation where they knew Jacksonville was going to be throwing non stop, so they didn't have a lot to think about or worry about. It will be interesting to see how they perform against this New England team that is hardly ever predictable on offense.

Patriots Passing Table
No. Player  G QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD TD% Int Int% Lng Y/A AY/A Y/C Y/G Rate Sk Yds ANY/A
12Tom Brady53-2-012117967.61259126.763.4557.06.910.4251.896.16376.44
Team Total53-2-012117967.61259126.763.4557.06.910.4251.896.16376.44
Opp Total512619963.31314115.563.06.66.3510.4262.888.27545.9
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The Patriots offense is, of course, led by Tom Brady who has been their starting quarterback for the last 18 years. Brady's got 12 touchdowns on the year, but he also has six picks because he was forcing passes early in the year. But Brady has thrown for over 1,200 yards and their offense has been starting to click a bit recently, especially last Thursday night against the Colts.

Patriots Backs Rushing & Receiving Table
Game RushRushRushRush ReceReceReceReceReceReceRece TotaTota
No. Player  Pos G Att Yds TD Lng Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng Ctch% Touch YScm RRTD Fmb
26Sony Michelrb46729423463186.001250.0%7031220
28James Whiterb52311012244322708.442772.7%5538050
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At running back, they've got Sony Michel and James White. Michel is the running back who gets the carries and he's a tough runner who stays low to the ground. He also packs a little pop for being such a small guy, and he's got enough speed to break off some chunk plays. James White, on the other hand, should have the Chiefs’ linebackers attention in coverage. He is a great pass receiving running back and he actually leads their team in targets. The Chiefs have been very poor in coverage against backs, so this could be a big matchup to watch.

Patriots Receivers Table
Game ReceReceReceReceReceReceReceReceRece TotaTota
No. Player  Pos G Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G Ctch% Touch YScm RRTD Fmb
84Cordarrelle Pattersonwr5141010110.12552.020.271.4%1513020
87Rob GronkowskiTE5312330813.41304.661.674.2%2330811
13Phillip Dorsettwr5241919010.02203.838.079.2%1919020
15Chris Hoganwr5191114313.02292.228.657.9%1114320
11Julian Edelmanwr197578.10137.057.077.8%75700
46James DevelinFB574225.50100.84.457.1%42200
10Josh Gordonwr2648220.51342.041.066.7%48210
47Jacob Hollisterwr2333511.70231.517.5100.0%33500
83Dwayne AllenTE521-4-4.00-40.2-0.850.0%1-400
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New England still has some pretty good receivers too. The Patriots got Julian Edelman back from suspension last week, and he should be raring to go this week against the Chiefs. He had nine targets in his first game back and caught seven of those. So it didn't take long for him and Brady to get reacquainted. He's a good safety valve for Brady and that's something that Brady had been missing early in the season. So far this season, defenses have been able to kind of clamp down on Gronkowski, and the other Patriot receivers hadn't necessarily been able to make them pay, but that changes with Edelman being back.

The Patriots also traded for Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns a few weeks ago. Sadly for the Chiefs, Gordon started to seem like he was integrating well into the offense against the Colts last week. So he is someone the Chiefs are actually going to have to account for because he is a big, decently fast, deep threat that stretches the field. He's somebody that the Chiefs will probably have to lean help to his side of the field, or they could risk giving up a big play to him. I think that will really benefit the other receivers on this team in Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Phillip Dorsett.

Dorsett was previously with the Colts and he's a flat out burner with 4.33 speed, so he can get open deep. He can make big plays down the field, but the one thing he can't do is catch the ball; he drops a lot of deep passes. But all he has to do is have one good game against the Chiefs and it can hurt them. Chris Hogan is reliable receiver with a lot of speed and he can also get open deep. Especially when he's the third or fourth option on an offense. Cordarrelle Patterson is more of gadget receiver who runs sweeps and has a select section of passing plays designed for him, because he is such a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. At tight end the Patriots still have Rob Gronkowski, who's been battling some injuries, but has had 10 days to heal up for the Chiefs game. With all these other weapons finally available and starting to click on this New England offense Gronkowski should find his sledding a bit easier.

New England also has a very good offensive line. The three guys on the inside, Joe Thuney, David Andrews, and Shaq Mason are all exceptional. They've also got solid tackle play from Trent Brown and Marcus Cannon. Not to mention, that Brady gets rid of the ball extremely fast. This should be a very tough test for this Chiefs’ defense, and they're going to need to bring everything they have in this one. The Chiefs are going to be down some guys, they're going to be facing a tough, hostile crowd, and I believe that the Patriots are going to be out for blood in this game. Rob Gronkowski in an interview with the International Business Times said about the Chiefs,”They’re a great team. They got great players on each side of the ball. It’s gonna be a tough opponent next week. It’s gonna be a tough game. We gotta be ready mentally and physically. And we gotta prepare very well. It’s gonna be a big game. It’s gonna be the biggest game of the season for us. It’s Sunday Night Football so we gotta be ready and come hard.” It sounds like the Patriots want to make a statement against the Chiefs and they've had 10 days to prepare for this game. Bill Belichick has been embarrassed a couple times by Andy Reid in their last three games against each other, and I don't think Belichick is the type of guy who takes that real well. With the three extra days to prepare this week, I believe he'll have a little something for the Chiefs’ offense, and I'll talk about that a little bit later.

As far as the Patriots offense goes, it is much better than the Jaguars’ offense and it's not even worth comparing them to each other, not to mention that the Patriots’ offense is improving each week. So, as well as the Chiefs’ defense played against the Jaguars, I think the Chiefs are going to have a very hard time stopping New England from scoring a considerable amount of points. My hope in this game is that they can keep the Patriots to some field goals goals and keep them from scoring a lot of touchdowns, which had been a little bit of a problem for the Chiefs until this last week. They've been having a hard time stopping teams in the red zone and that's going to be very important for this week. I could see Bill Belichick trying to run the ball down the Chiefs throat, hitting some quick passes, and using some play action to get the ball down the field.

He's got Sony Michel at running back, who is kind of small making him hard to find behind the line of scrimmage and he's got good top speed. He is a little bit like Philip Lindsay of the Broncos, who gave the Chiefs a lot of trouble a couple weeks ago. Then there is James White and Julian Edelman, who should both get quite a few of those quick pass targets in this game. If the Chiefs do try to stop the run and quick passes, there are still a lot passing weapons that Brady can find down the field. The Chiefs are going to be just the second team behind the Colts to really face all of what New England really has on offense this year.

Patriots Team Stats and Rankings Table
Tot Tot Tot PassPassPassPassPassPassPass RushRushRushRushRush PenaPena AverAverAverAverAver
Player PF Yds Ply Y/P TO FL 1stD Cmp Att Yds TD Int NY/A 1stD Att Yds TD Y/A 1stD Pen Yds Sc% TO% Start Time Plays Yds Pts
Team Stats13317873225.59310512117912221266.66313756544.1342620639.713.8Own 30.02:305.7130.82.29
Opp. Stats10818303365.410411012619912601166.17413057014.4293330933.316.7Own 30.02:355.830.31.80
Lg Rank Offense9222316231921422141113131891182423227
Lg Rank Defense91675242514257818212212462513191410
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Right now the Patriots’ defense is ranked ninth in the league in points allowed, which is the same as the Patriots offense, but it's not necessarily a scary defense. They haven't been getting sacks and they haven't been getting enough turnovers. The Patriots have actually been turning the ball over more on offense and have not been creating enough turnovers to make up for it which probably has a lot to do with their 3-2 record so far. The Chiefs’ offense should present a lot of matchup problems for this Patriots’ defense, just like every defense in the NFL, because of all their team speed. I do believe that Belichick will try to have a masterful defensive game plan for this game. He's had extra time to prepare and I think he's had this game circled since before the start of the season. The Chiefs are their biggest rival in the AFC this year, and he's been embarrassed in recent matchups against Andy Reid.

Patriots Sacks , QB Hits Table
Game Tack
No. Player  Age Pos G Sk QBHits
91Deatrich Wise2452.56
94Adrian Clayborn30de55
93Lawrence Guy28DT54
98Trey Flowers25DE42.04
54Dont'a Hightower28LB52
53Kyle Van Noy27LB51
23Patrick Chung31S40.51
51Ja'Whaun Bentley22de/lb31
90Malcom Brown24de/DT51
70Adam Butler2451.01
71Danny Shelton2551
51John Simon2821.01
58Keionta Davis24de31
Team Total27.25729
Opp Total56
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This Patriots’ defense doesn't get a lot of pressure and they haven’t got many sacks this year. They do have two guys who are decent pass rushers in Trey flowers and Dietrich Wise, so those are two guys to watch out for. But I don't think that's going to be the Patriots plan this week. I don't think they're going to bring much pressure. Instead, I feel like they're going to drop quite a few guys back in coverage. Mahomes has been pressured a lot this season and he's handled that extremely well. The Patriots just don't have the horses on defense to play the Chiefs like the Broncos and Jaguars did. I believe that Belichick is going to drop a lot of guys in the coverage and dare the Chiefs to run the football, hoping to slow the Chiefs’ offense down. If this happens, I hope that Reid runs the ball a ton showing all the NFL teams watching that the Chiefs can beat them just as easily on the ground as in the air, even with LDT out with injury. The Chiefs should still be able to pass the ball efficiently enough against this extra coverage with Mahomes gun right arm. I do expect Belichick to show a lot of different looks to Patrick Mahomes, disguising his coverages. I expect him to show zone but play man and show man but play zone. Especially when the Chiefs like to motion Tyreek Hill across the field and Kareem Hunt out of the backfield, basically just to get the defense to show what coverage they're in. Once Mahomes knows the coverage, then he knows what his reads are, but what teams can do is basically show fake coverages presnap. They can have somebody follow Hill all the way across the field, so it looks like man but then still drop into a zone. There's a lot of different things that can be disguised, but the whole point is just to get Mahomes to screw up the first time he reads this coverage.

There are going to be a lot of mind games between Mahomes, Reid, and Bill Belichick. This should be a fantastic mental challenge for Patrick Mahomes on the road. I wouldn't be shocked if the Patriots shake up our offense a couple times in this game, but nobody is going to stop this Chiefs team much. I don't think the Patriots are a team that's even going to slow them down a lot. But honestly, the Patriots don't have to slow down the Chiefs a lot to win this game, because the Patriots can score some points. The Chiefs just need to continue playing sound football and winning the turnover margin, not giving this Patriots’ offense any extra chances. The Patriots can’t match us on offense, but they can get about as close as anybody can. I think there is one thing Patriots fans are oblivious to and it could well be the difference in the game.

No, I am not going to pick against the Chiefs until they lose one this season. I know that the Chiefs have to lose eventually, but I'm just not gonna let that touch my lips until after it happens. So I'm going to pick the Kansas City Chiefs over the New England Patriots 35 to 34 in Foxborough. Patrick Mahomes will lead a comeback on the final drive, scoring a touchdown to give the Chiefs the victory and that would be sweet. Tom Brady will have to watch from the sideline as the new young quarterback steals his soul. Hopefully the Chiefs can pull this one out and head into to another Sunday Night Football game against the Bengals in Arrowhead undefeated. Go Chiefs!

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