Sunday, August 25, 2019

Takeaways from the Chiefs third preseason game against the 49ers


1. The Chiefs run defense was once again really good allowing only 3.5 yards per carry. The defensive line is extremely strong and linebackers were attacking their run gaps aggressively. The 49ers took advantage of this by using play action to suck the Chiefs linebackers up to the line of scrimmage and then passing into their vacated zones, This happened with each string of Chiefs linebackers and helped the 49ers go 9/14 on third downs. The most frustrating part was that this happened repeatedly on third and medium or long, where the offense is not usually looking to run.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Takeaways from the Chiefs second preseason game against the Steelers.


1. The Chiefs’ offensive line unit is still working its way into form. The Steelers played their starting front seven for almost the entire first half and showed a lot of different looks to the Chiefs lineman. Mitchell Schwartz struggled against TJ Watt and was giving up quick pressures. Eric Fisher and Andrew Wylie had a miscommunication on a Pittsburgh stunt, giving up a sack. I could go on and on but they just looked out of sorts. Cam Erving and Dino Boyd, the second string tackles, fared even worse against Pittsburghs’ outside linebackers. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that Cam Erving can not play tackle. I’m not sure he really holds any value to this team. Nick Allegretti got quite a few snaps at center with the second team. He had a few low snaps, which led to a Chad Henne fumble, and he looked a bit lost trying to find someone to block. Basically, he just didn’t look comfortable, which is understandable and I still think he has a very good upside.

2. The Chiefs do a lot of preplay movement with Tyreek Hill and I noticed them using Mecole Hardman in that role a few times Saturday night. I was wondering if this will happen in the regular season, just to give Tyreek Hill a bit of a rest from all of the extra running. The preplay motion is important to this offense, it sets up defenses for misdirection plays and helps Mahomes diagnosis what the defensive scheme is.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Takeaways from the Chiefs first preseason game against the Bengals


1. Reggie Ragland looked great against the run and was part of the reason the Chiefs only allowed 1.8 yards per rush against the Bengals. Ragland also looked lost in zone coverage against the pass. Ragland wasn’t keeping his head on a swivel to see who was coming into his zone and his recognition was slow. He just looked flat footed and the Bengals targeted his zone twice on their scoring drive to open the game. I don’t expect Ragland to be on the field in those passing situations once the season starts.

2. Darron Lee played a lot of snaps in this game and led the team with 8 tackles. Lee looked much more comfortable in zone coverage than Ragland and was at least reacting to the passing plays before the receiver caught the ball. Lee did miss a couple of open field tackles that I would like to see him make but for the first preseason game I thought he played okay.

3. Tanoh Kpassagnon lined up as a wide 9 tech defensive end to start the game. (Wide 9 tech just means he is lining up as far outside of the offensive tackle as he possibly can.) This allowed Kpass to get a couple steps momentum going into the offensive tackles and his bull rush looked very good. He didn’t always look like he was aware of what was going on with the play but he was crashing the pocket hard. Later on in the first half Kpass started lining up as a 3 tech defensive tackle. (The 3 Tech defensive tackle lines up in the gap between the guard and tackle.) Kpass seemed to struggle a bit at first because his bull rush didn’t seem as effective on the inside and the shorter guard was stone walling him. But after a few bull rushes Kpass ducked his left shoulder down and blew past the guard for a sack. I really like the idea of Kpass inside on some of the nascar blitz packages because of his arm length effecting the quarterbacks passing windows.